Water Services Trust Fund

Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) is a State Corporation established under the Water Act, 2002 with the mandate “to assist in financing the provision of water services to areas of Kenya which are without adequate water services”.

The organisation is guided by the Trusts Deed of 26th April, 2004 and nested on rapid, proactive and innovative measures stipulated in its core values of accountability, transparency, good governance, teamwork, equity, fairness, honesty, integrity, customer focus, and life-work balance.  We are one of the water reform institutions, and act as a basket fund for mobilizing resources and providing financial assistance towards capital investment costs of providing Water Service and Sanitation (WSS).

The Trust Fund’s mission is “to provide financial support for improved access to water and sanitation in areas without adequate services”. According to the Trust Deed, WSTF’s  mandate incorporate supporting capacity building activities  and initiatives that aim at enabling communities to plan, implement, manage, operate and sustain water services-by creating awareness and disseminating information regarding community management of water services, and encouraging their active participation in implementation and management.

Water Services Trust Fund strategy has to-date rested on the fact that the development of water sector in Kenya has been constrained by limited funding, and planning that do not respond to increasing population and emerging trends such as institutional weakness, poor management, limited water resources, knowledge and choice of technology.

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